The Garden

To the rear of the building are our gardens which are looked after by a fabulous team of volunteers under the name of GOSH! (Gardening at the Old Schoolhouse). With spaces to relax, floral borders, vegetable plots, raised beds and bee hives, there is plenty to enjoy and we encourage visitors to take a walk outside and pass a little time in this lovely space.

Get Involved!

The hope for our garden project was always something more than just creating an attractive outdoor space. We also wanted to establish a group that could enjoy working together on a long-term creative project. With this in mind we set up our gardening group, GOSH, which is open to all. We arrange regular group gardening sessions that ensure particpants have the opportunity to work together and develop relationships. However, we also encourage gardeners to 'pop in and potter'. This allows any member to turn up at a time that suits them and contribute to the project.

Becoming a member is easy, just have a read of our guide book and hand in your completed membership form at reception.

The Old Schoolhose Gardens bee on lavender bush apples growing on a tree purple flowers GOSH! Logo